Cycle Chic

Is "Cycle Chic®" a trademark?
Yes, it is. Cycle Chic is a registered trademark owned by the company Cycle Chic/Copenhagenize Consulting. The phrase was coined by Mikael Colville-Andersen.

Why is the phrase trademarked?
Basically, we found it necessary to trademark the phrase when the brand started to take off internationally. Certain individuals appeared who started to exploit the phrase for their own financial gain. We thought it best to protect the phrase - our intellectual property - from such people who had never asked to use it and who have nothing to with the invention and proliferation of it. To be honest, we didn't fancy having to do it, but such is the modern world.

Can I still use the Cycle Chic® phrase?
In a word, yes. It is not in our interests - nor in the interest of our goal of getting more people onto bicycles around the world - to restrict the use of the trademark. While the phrase "Cycle Chic" has been widely used in connection with the description of our growing global trend, the use of the mark"Cycle Chic®" for commercial purposes is not allowed without the expressed, written permission of Cycle Chic / Copenhagenize. However, usage of the phrase "Cycle Chic" for the idealistic purpose of bicycle advocacy is permitted - as long as respect for the published Cycle Chic® manifesto is shown.

In addition, when using the Cycle Chic® mark we request that international standards with regards to bicycle safety are adhered to.

That is to say no bicycle helmets in the photographs. No promotion of bicycle helmets.

Copenhagenize Consulting, who runs the blog and owns the trademark is a member of the European Cyclists Federation and in their Bicycle Helmet Working Group. We feel that there should be a space on the internet that represents the 90% of cyclists worldwide who don't wear helmets and promoting cycling positively - based on science - is one of our core values. Some links are provided at the bottom of this page.

I want to start a blog or event in my town/city. What do I have to do?
Expanding the Cycle Chic movement is good for cycling so it's great that you want to start a blog. All you need to do is to send us an email stating that you want to start one and include your declaration that you've read this page and will stick to it.

Can I get a logo like some of the other blogs?
The blogs that have a logo that is a part of the design guide for Cycle Chic® are blogs that are true to the Cycle Chic philosophy, feature quality photographs and blog regularly. We produce a logo for such blogs after a period of evaluation. Until then you're welcome to produced and use your own, as long as it isn't similar to the original logo.

I'm ready to start a blog. What else do I need to do?
We'd like if you refer to the original blog and we've provided this graphic to use or to be inspired by:

In addition, if your blog or event receives any press, please refer to the origins of Cycle Chic and the original blog - Copenhagen Cycle Chic. For a brush up on the history of Cycle Chic®, you can read this post.

The Cycle Chic® Republic. What's that all about?
More information will be provided shortly.

Cycle Chic® Sundays uses the Cycle Chic™ mark with the expressed written permission of Cycle Chic / Copenhagenize. Any usage of the Cycle Chic® Sundays trademark requires adherance to the same guidelines as above. If you have any doubts about usage, you are welcome to contact Cycle Chic / Copenhagenize.

Links to our references on helmets:
The Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation
The helmet policy of the European Cyclists Federation
The French cyclist organisation FUBICY,
The British cyclist org CTC, for example.

Cycle Chic™ is in no way associated with any webstore or 'brick and mortar' store other than the Cycle Chic Boutique and the Cycle Chic store at BigCartel.