Cycle Chic

The strength of the Cycle Chic® movement is in our numbers. There are over 70 related blogs
around the world. If you're thinking about starting a Cycle Chic ® blog where you live, here's some good tips
for getting started and running a successful blog.

1. Firstly, please read the important Trademark Guidelines for using the Cycle Chic ® mark.

2. Set up a blog. It's easy to do these days. Check out or is easier, whilst wordpress is for more advanced users.

3. The most effective way to archive and administer the photos you take is signing up
for a account. This allows you to blog the photos using the "embed code", instead
of constantly uploading your photos directly to the blog. You can also control the size of the photo
when you blog it. In addition, Flickr has many groups to add your photos to. This increases the number
of views as well as your visibility on the internet.

4. If you choose to call your blog YourTownCycleChic or CycleChicYourTown, please place a visible link
at the top of the right (or left) column to The Original Cycle Chic®. If you get press coverage in your local area,
please refer to the origins of Cycle Chic and the orginal blog whenever referring to the movement.
This applies to Cycle Chic Sundays, as well.

5. Please try to keep Cycle Chic all about Citizen Cyclists - regular people on regular bikes
There are many, many sites dedicated to sports cycling and sub-cultural cycling groups. Great.
But Cycle Chic is something else completely. As you've probably figured out.

6. Consider other social media options. Twitter is great. Please use the #cyclechic hashtag when
tweeting about Cycle Chic related content. You can find Cycle Chic at

7. Let us know about it! Send us an email when you're up and running.

If you have any doubts about usage, you are welcome to contact Cycle Chic / Copenhagenize.